Tailoring Jeans


tailored jeans

Tailoring jeans is a great way to achieve the perfect fit. It ensures the clothes you wear fit your proportions and style preferences, allowing you to look your best and feel confident in your everyday outfits.

One of the most common alterations for tailored jeans | Tailored Athlete is to taper them from the knees down. This makes them more streamlined and slimmer, and can be done on either the inseam or outseam of the pants.

Waist gapping is another common jean alteration. This is most often an issue with jeans that sit too low on your waist and can be corrected by a tailor, but it is important to note that altering the waist of pants too much can change the front shaping and pocket positioning.

Length is also a popular alteration on jeans, and it can be easily done by a tailor. Simply take the pants you want hemmed to your tailor, and have them pin or mark the length of your pants along the inseam.

Tailored Jeans: The Perfect Fit for Your Unique Body Shape

Hems are a bit more difficult to alter than other alterations for jeans, so it’s important to find a tailor that is experienced in this area of tailoring. When it comes to hems, it’s always better to ask for “original hems” rather than a cuffed hem, which can make the jeans look dated and worn down.

Before you take your jeans to get hemmed, try them on and let them hang to dry a few times. This will help the jeans shrink back to their original shape and size after they have been hemmed.

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