Shared Office Brisbane – Is it Really Cheaper?


shared office brisbane

The benefits of a shared office Brisbane can not be overstated. Sharing an office with other companies allows you the opportunity to build better business relationships while sharing the expenses associated with running the office as well as benefits such as discounts on business services, perks, freebies, business incubation and the likes. But what are the perks and the cost of such a deal? Should I just sign up for a shared office Brisbane package? In this article we will address these questions to give you a better idea of what is available out there for your business needs.


The benefits of a shared office Brisbane start with the perks that come as part of the hosting package. As part of the hosting arrangement, you would have paid a reasonable one time hosting fee plus an activation fee (this is the cost of your internet connection) plus a per month maintenance fee on your internet connection. This brings the total cost of running a shared office package to around $90 per month – which is significantly cheaper than conventional office rates in qld like Kichijo or Maciesfield. A Brisbane package allows you to share your workspace with other companies at a similar or lesser cost than you would be able to manage on your own.


There are a couple of other perks available out there for you to enjoy. One of those perks is to be able to quickly transition from working in your Brisbane office space to being on location in Kichijo or Maciesfield without having to change your internet connection. This is because you are signed up to a hosting account that has a cheap monthly rate and no activation fee and you can move into the area as soon as you want to. For other companies, they may opt to have their own Internet connection but they would still pay a hosting fee per month for their own Hot Desk or high tech phone line. You may also opt to have your Hot Desk connected to your personal web line, which saves you on the activation and hosting charges.

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