Qualities of a Good Residential Security Guard


Residential security guards are peace officers who guard commercial and residential properties. They often work alone, but in some cases they may be accompanied by a civilian partner,Royalty and specialist protection UK known as an alarm contact. Residential security guards patrol residential areas and private residential properties, protecting against criminal activity, such as theft, vandalism and loitering. They have the authority to arrest people who break the law on their land, unless local law enforcement officers arrive first. Some residential security guards are armed with firearms, while others operate only with pepper spray or a baton.

Why You Should Hire Residential Security Professionals

Because of their specialized observation skills, residential security guards are employed not only by homeowners but also by apartment complexes, townhouses, shopping centers, multinational companies and even other government facilities. These residential community service employees are responsible for identifying potential intruders and trespassers. If residents do not act in response, they may be forced to leave the premises. In some circumstances, homeowners may refuse to leave their homes, if they feel unsafe.

In order to serve their communities effectively, residential security guards must be courteous and sympathetic, and understand the needs of both the homeowners and the tenants. Most residential community security officers are required to undergo extensive police training. They also have to have a clear understanding of the local laws and regulations regarding burglary and other residential crime. Many officers are ex-military or former peace officers, which enhances their ability to anticipate and solve problems. In addition, many residential security guards are former child welfare agents, which adds to their understanding of and compassion toward children.

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