Fake Account Detection on Facebook


Fake accounts have become a major issue for many online companies. They spread false information and inflate marketing statistics. In addition, they can evade security safeguards.

Should you block fake accounts?

Facebook has a number of ways to detect and prevent fake accounts. It uses both machine learning and human intelligence. Using the combined knowledge of these two technologies, Facebook is able to identify and block accounts before they are activated.

The first step in detecting a fake account detection is to determine whether or not the user is an automated or real person. Automated accounts are difficult to detect because they typically post more frequently than average users. Some of the key indicators of a fake account are that they post recycled images and posts with no content.

The detection system also uses friend networks to recognize fake accounts. A bot profile has three dots in the upper right hand corner. If the profile has a high volume of posts in a short period of time, it could be a fake account.

Facebook also has an AI that can block bogus accounts. This system can classify accounts according to 30 dialect patterns and use features such as gender, age, number of followers, and geographic location.

In the future, researchers hope to create a robust method for recognizing fake accounts. In the meantime, companies can use a tool called Integro to identify and manage duplicate account fraud.

Other methods include using Signal Hire to track down phone numbers and email addresses. Signal Hire can even locate contacts in a click.

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