Drumeo Review


Drumeo review

Online drum lerning platform is a well-established and popular online resource for drummers. They have a lot of content and many people use it as their main source of instruction.

Drumeo offers a huge amount of video content on a wide variety of topics. They have lessons from beginner to advanced level that cover everything you would need to know as a drummer.

The content is well organized and easy to navigate. All the videos are filmed in a studio, and have a professional look. The lessons are typically 1 hour long and have all the supplemental resources that you will need, including sheet music and exercise MP3s.

They also offer a great way for students to get feedback on their playing from pro instructors. This allows students to submit a video of themselves playing, and a pro instructor will give them feedback on their drumming skills.

Drumeo’s Top Features: An In-Depth Review

This is a great way to learn from pro instructors who specialize in different styles of drumming, and who will help you reach your goals as a player. There are over 50 teachers on Drumeo and a good range of lesson styles to choose from, so you should be able to find something that is right for you.

Another great feature is their interactive transcriptions. This is a great tool to use when learning a song, as it lets you hear the lyrics and play them with your drums. This makes the lesson more enjoyable for the student and helps them to learn the songs in a more interactive way.

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