Choosing Arborists for Tree Removal and Planting


tree fellers

Tree Fellers is a leading full service tree care company located in Marstons Mills, Cape Cod, owned and run by Peter Kettler. Full insured and licensed, they specialize in the affordable and safe removal and proper pruning of trees and bushes found in the towns of Marstons Mills and Barnstable. They are members in good standing of the National Tree Service Association. They have been offering this type of service for clients in and around the towns of Barnstable, Marstons Mills and Stoneham for many years. They have made many friends along the way over the years and it has been a pleasure working with everyone from the neighbors and customers to the county and state to make sure they were doing their job properly the first time and again.



Every year, they must update their knowledge about trees on Cape Cod and handle more tree felling and tree removal projects because the number of storms that hit this area increases every year. They also will often handle projects that involve trees being removed and relocated. One year, Peter Kettler and his crew went to Australia to cut down a tree that had to be removed safely due to bad storm damage. Once they got the tree removed and the stump removed, they had it ground and sanded to make it ready to put into storage. The next winter, they had it re-ground and repositioned; the tree felled, as expected, and now rests safely at the site it was planted at.


This is what tree fellers in Barnstable, Massachusetts, do all year long. They save the environment by removing dead, damaged and unwanted trees that could be causing structural or public health problems. This leaves the soil more healthy and able to absorb nutrients from fertilizers and pesticides. They are insured and bonded and adhere to strict standards of care. For these reasons, when choosing arborists in Barnstable, Massachusetts, you can feel confident that the arborist you choose is well-educated and experienced in his or her trade. This will ensure a high quality job with fair and competitive pricing.

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