Breathing Coach Certification


breathing coach certification

Breathing exercises are easy to learn for all levels of people, and they provide profound health benefits. After completing a breathing coach certification, you’ll be equipped to lead people through the practice and teach them how to improve their breathing skills. There’s no need for fancy equipment or complicated methods – all you need is a quiet room and undivided attention. Many coaches, teachers, and therapists don’t teach this fundamental tool to their clients.

Allow You To Learn These Skills At Your Own Pace

The course is a good balance between theory and practice, and the instructors explained everything clearly. They gave great examples to help students become more familiar with the breathing exercises. Additionally, the course website is easy to navigate and the units are nicely organized. You can complete the training in two weeks or up to six months, depending on how much time you have available.

Breathing coach certification requires you to understand the anatomy and psychology of breathing, and it also requires you to learn how to measure thoracic excursion and other aspects of breathwork. The program also teaches you how to enter the breather’s energy field and apply touch and verbal cues. In addition, you’ll need to develop self-awareness to learn the proper techniques for each client.

A breathing coach certification allows you to guide people through these simple exercises, which have profound health benefits. The certification YOGABODY Teachers College offers dozens of professional resources, enabling you to create your own business and improve the lives of others. In addition to that, the certification is backed by YOGABODY, a leading international yoga brand, which offers a growing business support system.

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