Alabama Shakes Drummer Says He’s Innocent of Abuse Charge


The drummer for Grammy Award-winning musical gang Alabama Shakes says he is honest of youngster misuse allegations documented against him, his legal counselor said Friday.

Steven William Johnson, 35, was captured a week ago subsequent to being arraigned on charges of maltreatment of a youngster.

“Steve Johnson keeps up his guiltlessness on these claims. Also, that is the thing that they are, charges,” his lawyer Nick Lough revealed to The Associated Press.

The arraignment recorded no points of interest about the charge past the criminal resolution meaning of kid maltreatment to “tenaciously torment, unshakably misuse, cold-bloodedly beat or in any case resolutely abuse” a youngster younger than 18 years.

His lawyers have recorded a court movement looking for more data about the allegation. Lough said they have motivation to accept the charge may include what he depicted as a “punishing” occurrence.

Court records show that in 2019 a criminal grumbling was documented against Johnson blaming him for hitting his child with a belt causing wounds on his backside and thighs. The case was subsequently excused.

The most recent arraignment was returned in October. Nonetheless, Lough said the capture this month came days after Johnson had his parental appearance rights reestablished in court.

An arraignment date is set for April 7.

Johnson recently confessed in March 2020 to disregarding an abusive behavior at home security request in Limestone County. He got a suspended sentence of a year in prison, with two years waiting on the post trial process.

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